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Government & Public Sector Agencies


Stones Throw has extensive experience in the public sector including:

  • Policy and strategy development and management;
  • Development and management of projects and programs; and
  • Delivery of services, projects and achievement of key outcomes

for federal, state and territory and local government agencies.

As senior officers and under service provider and consultancy contracts, Stones Throw Directors, Kris McCue and Kyleigh Hindson, have operated across a number of portfolios and business areas including:

Economic Portfolios

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Portfolios

  • Native Title
  • Indigenous Education, Employment and Community Development

Corporate Services

Stones Throw understands the work environment and pressures that public sector managers are under to achieve efficient and effective implementation of government priorities and the impact that this can have in the workplace. Stones Throw will work with you to resolve workplace issues and implement strategies and solutions that promote workplace efficiency and effective employee performance that aligns with public sector codes of conduct.

Stones Throw also understands how to successfully engage and consult with the community and other stakeholders for the purposes of developing regional strategies and supporting the implementation of projects and programs.
Stones Throw's services include:

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