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Corporate, Community & Government


Stones Throw has extensive experience in achieving results for large companies and organisations in the Corporate, Community / Non Government Organisation (NGO) and Government sectors. We know that driving a large organisation takes innovation, consistency, persistence and teams that work seamlessly to deliver results.

Performance against key commercial, financial, contract or productivity indicators can always improve. If underperformance at an organisational, business unit, team or individual level is an issue, Stones Throw can help you resolve it.

Perhaps you have an internal workforce issue or your internal or external customer / client service is not getting results? Do your processes need tightening or are you wasting your budgets on non-value adding activities?

Would you like to win more tenders? We have a 95% success rate with our tender submissions.

From identifying and resolving internal workplace issues, investigating funding avenues and developing business development solutions, writing tender responses to delivering quantifiable results on your special projects. At Stones Throw Consulting, we can provide you with a customised solution for your enterprise.

We provide a unique mix of services that will help you to:

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