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Our Services

At STC we believe that regardless of the size of your business, a well planned growth strategy and the right people to deliver it are at the heart of business success. That's why, over the last 10 years, we have developed and finely tuned a tailored suite of services that target 4 key drivers:

Grow your business

STC will help you identify opportunities to grow your business in a sustainable way. This is achieved through:

  • Business planning
  • Securing new business
  • Tender writing & bid management
  • Sales & marketing strategies
  • Funding opportunities
  • Develop and maximise strategic partnerships

Grow your relationships

A key aspect of business growth is identifying mutually beneficial and complementary business relationships that can help your business access new markets and drive growth. STC can help you do this through:

  • Identifying key customer, client and stakeholder segments
  • Developing strategies to engage and consult with customers, clients and stakeholders
  • Facilitating workshops and consultation sessions
  • Planning and delivering business events

Manage business growth

Systems and processes are vitally important to successfully manage business growth. At STC we focus on your key business growth asset: your people. After all, you can have the best products, services, systems and processes but growth will be elusive without competent, efficient and well-trained staff.

STC will help you:

  • Develop practical operational plans & KPI's
  • Plan your future workforce requirements
  • Identify training and development specifically targeting business growth and management strategies

Improve business performance

In business, there are always performance problems that need to be solved and sometimes people are a part of that problem. STC's extensive experience will help you get on the front foot to resolve workplace issues before they hurt your business by:

  • Conducting staff and management reviews
  • Investigating workplace complaints and issues
  • Identifying people management issues and solutions
  • Reviewing organisational structure, systems and processes



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