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Business Development


Stones Throw provides a range of business development services to help your business or organisation grow and prosper including:

  • Tender & Grant Writing and Bid Management
  • Access to funding and investment
  • Creation of Successful Business Development Strategies
  • Identifying and Brokering Partnerships

Whether you are looking to:

  • Diversify or commercialise products or services;
  • Move into new markets or increase your market share in existing markets; or
  • Adapt your products or services to meet changing market needs or changes in the operating environment (such as new or changes to regulations, legislation, government or industry policy);

Stones Throw will assist you to create business development strategies and provide a mix of services that are tailored to and align with your business goals.

Tender Writing & Bid Management

Stones Throw directors Kris McCue and Kyleigh Hindson have an extensive and successful track record in developing, writing and managing winning tenders and bids in relation to government and private sector business.

Over the past 10 years Stones Throw has secured over $25 million in funding and investment for organisations in the tourism, community and employment and training sectors with a success rate of 95%.

Stones Throw will work with you to gain a detailed understanding of your business operations, goals and environment. Depending on the scope of work required, Stones Throw can provide:

  • End to end tender and bid development, drafting and submission either independently or with your internal tender or bid team;
  • Editing and compliance checking;
  • Service and financial modelling;
  • Market research;
  • Investment & risk analysis;
  • Identifying and brokering informal or formal joint ventures with other businesses or organisations that will strengthen and add mutual value to a tender bid.

Service Fees

The outcomes of tenders and bids can never be guaranteed. We like to have "skin in the game" which means Stones Throw will work with you to develop a fee structure that that builds in a success component and spreads the risk of your investment.

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Funding & Investment

Stones Throw specialises in identifying and accessing funding and investment sources for small to medium businesses and organisations in the community and employment and training sectors to achieve business growth and support project development and delivery. We have brokered over $15 million during the past five years.

Click here for more information about assistance and funding for businesses

Stones Throw has an extensive South East Queensland, State and National network and broad knowledge of industry and Commonwealth, State and Local government grants and funding programs.

We can also broker and facilitate co-investment partnerships with businesses and organisations that add value to and compliment your business and services. See below for more information.

With an understanding of your business goals and project concepts Stones Throw can:

  • Identify relevant tender opportunities and funding sources on a case by case basis or as part of an ongoing arrangement;
  • Identify potential partner businesses and organisations that are a strategic "fit", can deliver complimentary services, have appropriate capacity and capability and the ability to provide co-investment.

Stones Throw can provide funding and investment services that can be tailored to suit any project either independently or as part of a broader service mix.

Service Fees

Fees will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis depending on the scope of the project with a proportion based on success.

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Formal (joint venture) or informal partnerships can be a key part of a successful business development strategy and a cost effective and efficient way to:

  • Reduce costs;
  • Drive revenue and profit growth;
  • Enhance tender bids and service offers; and
  • Provide co-investment for projects.

Partnerships can be established to support specific or multiple projects, services, business processes, business and contract performance and achievement of particular outcomes.

Over the past three years, Stones Throw has brokered over 30 successful partnerships across a range of private, public and community sector organisations to support jobs and skills projects, regional workforce strategies and industry growth and marketing strategies. Click here for more details

How Stones Throw can assist you:

  • Identify the services, potential tenders and grants or particular areas of your business that would benefit from a partnership.
  • Through our extensive networks, identify those businesses and organisations that make a good strategic fit and will add value to a partnership;
  • Negotiate and broker the terms and conditions of partnership to achieve a win-win for all partners.

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Business Development & Sales Strategy

Stones Throw Director Kris McCue can help you and your key people or management team create business development and sales strategies to drive business growth.

With an extensive network of specialist business partners, Stones Throw can provide a holistic strategy that covers:

  • Risk analysis and management
  • PR and media
  • Market research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Existing or new product or service delivery and cost modelling
  • Customer and client relationships

Service Fees

Fees will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis depending on the scope of the project.

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